Automotive Window Tint

Window tint technology has advanced rapidly over the last 10 years. You no longer need to black out your windows and compromise your visibility just to reduce the heat.

Make your own shade

Choosing the right shade of tint can be a tough choice. We have a large display in our lobby showcasing the different shades that we have to offer. In most cases we also have a couple different cars available for you to see real examples of our shades installed. While deciding what tint shade you want installed it's also important to consider the laws regarding tint in California. Our Medium film is usually what we recommend for the front windows. We proudly use Rayno Window Films.

Rayno Window Film

We carry 2 lines of Rayno Window Film. Read on below to find out how each line offers different performances to suite your window tint needs.


Our window tinting shades display

We offer 4 shades: Light 50%, Medium 30%, Dark 20%, and Limo 5%. We also have a 70% and 80% for windshields.(not pictured)

Our window tint heat display

Our large Heat Demonstration makes choosing the right film easy!



Phantom S5

Nano Carbon Ceramic Technology

  • Shades available from 5%-30%
  • Total Solar Energy Rejection from 49%-66%
  • UV Rejection 99.9%


Phantom S9

Nano Carbon Ceramic Technology

  • Shades available from 5%-30%
  • Total Solar Energy Rejection from 59%-70%
  • UV Rejection 99.9%

Innovative Technology, Incredible Performance

Rayno’s Phantom series is the world’s first carbon ceramic film developed with a patented formula that exceeds
competitor standards for optimal film performance.

Nano-scaled carbon particles provide top notch color stability without sacrificing clarity, while nano-encapsulated ceramic particles give lasting durability and outstanding
heat rejection. 

Rayno Window Film Nano Carbon Ceramic window tint technology


Special Financing on Phantom S9 films

Get $25 off when you use your CarCareOne card for any Phantom S9 window film purchase. Not only will we take $25 off your total but you will also receive 0% interest on your purchase for 6 months!


Let us prove the difference

There's nothing better than feeling the difference for yourself! Come in to our store and let us show you how amazing Nano Carbon Ceramic films work when we turn up the heat!

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