California Tint Tickets Happen

Unfortunately California law prohibits window tint to be installed on the front windows of your vehicle. The front windows must allow 70% of visible light to pass through. Although we do not recommend violating the law, we understand the need for darker films for privacy.

How our Window Ticket Insurance works

In the event of receiving a ticket for your window tint that we installed our Window Tint Ticket Insurance will have you covered. With our insurance we will remove and replace the front windows up to 2 times or 2 years(whichever comes first). Simple as that.

Window tint ticket


You can purchase your insurance policy at the time of having your windows tinted for the first time. If you choose to decline insurance at the time of having your windows tinted you cannot add it later.

  • S5 Nano Carbon Ceramic Line: $40
  • S9 Nano Carbon Ceramic Line: $80

How to make a claim

After getting pulled over you will receive a citation in the mail. Once you have your citation in hand contact us to schedule a removal of your film and after an appointment for reapplication. As long as you have your citation as proof of your claim you will be covered at no cost.

*Our Window Tint Insurance policy does not cover any legal fees of any illegally installed window films. Window Tint Insurance policy only covers the removal and reapplication of the front driver's and front passenger's windows. Headline Auto Design. assumes no legal liability of your vehicle or citations. Window Tint Insurance policy is non-refundable. 


Want to add a policy to your car?

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