Tail Light Tint and Color Overlays

Tail Light Tint is almost always the first thing anyone notices on a car. Lights are meant to grab your attention, and nothing grabs their attention better than adding your own style. From a dark aggressive tint to a colorful overlay we can help you change the way your car's lights appear with Tail Light Tint.

Premium Taillight Tint

Here at Headline Auto Design we choose to only use the best products. After much trial and error we have selected Orafol as our only installation vinyl for taillight tinting, or colored overlays. Orafol has a 5 year outdoor life expectancy and we offer a 1 year warranty as well.

Orafol taillight tinting and headlight overlays premium vinyl.

Tail Light Tint Vinyl Overlays

We have 2 smoke shades to choose from for taillight tinting. Our dark smoke is dark enough to add an aggressive look but won't black out your brake lights. The Dark Taillight Tint is perfect for sidemarkers, reflectors, and amber lights.

The lighter smoke is recommended for anyone wanting to add a slight smoke appearance to their headlights without compromising their down road visibility.

We can wrap almost any light or lens with our special technique.

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG with Dark Smoke Taillight Tint
Subaru BRZ with Yellow Foglight overlays

Colored Tint Overlays

If you really want to add a unique look to your car then our Colored Vinyl Tint Overlays will help. Not only does it change the overall appearance of your lights it actually changes the color of the light projected as well.

Check out more of our work.

Mazda 3 with Red Taillight Tint Overlays
VW Jetta with our Chameleon Headlight Tint

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